A Successful 62nd Annual General Meeting

This past Saturday we completed another successful year by hosting our Annual General Meeting that was well attended by many existing members and many potential new members. Our board president Barrie Webster presided our his final meeting as president, turning the reigns over to Verena Foxx our president. Many thanks to barrie for his solid and graceful leadership especially during the society’s transition over the past year. We wish Verena well in her first year as board president.

A special thank you to Barbara Beach who after decades of service to the society has decided to step down from her board activities.

Our society constitution and bylaws have been amended and approved and will be off to Victoria in compliance with the new societies act. Our 2018/19 budget was approved and we are heading in to a new year that will feature several new projects; A re-branding of the society; The launch of the All Ready to Go Binder project; And the continuation of the community out reach program. All these projects are designed to raise awareness of the importance of being end of life planned and prepared recognizing that we have 916,000 people living in BC over the age of 65.

A special thank you to Heather Cook of the Office of BC’s Senior Advocate who was our passionate key note speaker who reminded us of the importance of being end of life prepared.

Thanks you to all our board members for their ongoing commitment to the good work of the Memorial Society.

The staff team is excitedly looking forward to 2019 and another year of growth and service.