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Q. Are there any laws regarding scattering cremated remains in British Columbia?

A. In BC, there is no law against scattering cremated remains by land, sea or by air; however some municipal by-laws may prohibit. Remains should not be scattered on private property without permission. We suggest you carefully consider the decision, especially with future accessibility in mind. There are many alternatives to scattering. You can provide your instructions on the arrangement form. Funeral homes can not dispose of remains without permission.

Q. What happens if I die outside of Canada?

A. That will depend on the laws of the country where the death occurs. We suggest that you inquire with your life, travel and/or medical insurance company to see what they will cover. We also suggest that you submit your arrangement form to the society.

Q. What happens if I die in another province?

The next of kin or the executor should contact the nearest memorial society. Please be aware that other societies may offer different levels of service. If there is no local memorial society, contact the home funeral director who can then negotiate with the funeral director at the place of death. You should also have the home funeral director contact the director at the place of death if the remains are to be returned to BC.

Q. Can I take the cremated remains of a loved one to another location via airplane?

A. Yes you can, however please note that you will need a cremation certificate from the funeral home and the ashes will need to be taken as carry-on in a special urn for transport. It is always best to talk to your airline directly about this prior to arriving at the airport.


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