Making Funeral Arrangements During Covid 19

It is important that during these times of pandemic that we learn to get our needs met while honoring all the requirements of social distancing. We have discussed with our contracted providers the best practices for making funeral arrangements at this time. Here is a list in order of safety first and foremost for both your family and the funeral home staff.

First choice is to make your arrangements either online or over the telephone. Second choice is to have only one family member and one supporter attend the arrangement meeting at the funeral home, and third choice is to have the funeral home staff come to your home to make the arrangements.

Know that we here at MSBC and our contracted funeral home staff teams are taking all the steps they need to in order that you, their clients, and their own staff are kept safe during these challenging times and that you get the end of life services you need and deserve for your loved one and your family.

Here is a link to Health Canada;