MSBC Update

We are pleased to let all our current and potential members know that the transition from the leadership of Nicole Renwick our past executive director is going very well indeed. We thank both Nicole and the interim office administrator Anita Lui for supporting a graceful transition, paving the way for a refreshed web site, an outreach and community education program, and a strategic partners program all designed to serve our existing and new members with timely and important information regarding end of life planning.
As an example of our renewed passion to serve residents of British Columbia we have secured Isobel Mackenzie the Seniors’ Advocate of BC, to be our keynote speaker at our Annual General Meeting this November 3rd, 2018!
Look for regular weekly posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages too!
The staff team at MSBC is very much looking forward to serving you our members over the years to come.

Stephen Garrett, MA
Interim Executive Director