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What Our members Have to Say

  • I saw your ad in the Province and thought I should respond. My wife's parents put us on to you many years ago. Since then they have both passed as well as my parents. They were all members. Your help was nothing short of excellent..”

    Bill B. Surrey, B.C
  • We have depended on the Memorial Society for help making arrangements for three family members in the past and are very grateful for all the assistance we received in our time of sorrow. We would highly recommend becoming a member. ”

    Bob & Glenda
  • We were thankful that my mother in law thought to join The Memorial Society of BC as it saved a lot of money on her cremation costs. WE also joined and have a file set up so our loved ones know what do when our time comes.

  • Thank you Nicole for your help! My Dad passed at 12:30 am this morning. Since I had the information you had so promptly sent me I was able to get through those moments when I couldn't have possibly have thought things through. Having your help & the Memorial Society information right there when I needed it the most....well thank you doesn't seem to be enough. Thank you again.

  • Again I can't say thank you enough for making one of the most difficult evenings of my life easier. As I knew my Dad's life was rapidly coming to an end in the later hours of the evening. I decided to program The Funeral Services number into my phone. Thankfully I was able to do that because you had supplied me with the information I needed. I didn't have to try to find the number after his passing while I was dealing with my grief of his loss. My Sincere Gratitude

    Dianne Coupland

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