“We Help You, our Members, Plan Funerals that are Simple, Dignified, Graceful, and Affordable.”

“We Help You, our Members, Plan Funerals that are Simple, Dignified, Graceful, and Affordable.”

“We Help You, our Members, Plan Funerals that are Simple, Dignified, Graceful, and Affordable.”

Memorial Society of British Columbia

The Memorial Society of British Columbia® (MSBC) is a non-profit organization formed in 1956. We are a completely objective source of education and information regarding the planning of funeral services. We are not a funeral home.

Our dedicated board members are not associated in any way with an independent or corporate funeral home. Our independence offers to you, our members, clear and accurate information regarding the many choices you need to make when death does come knocking.

As a member of MSBC, you can plan your farewell with the confidence that you have involved the largest consumer advocacy group in B.C. protecting your interests when it is time to make funeral arrangements. Membership gives you both peace of mind and the assurance that your final wishes will be fulfilled. Importantly, membership helps reduce stress for your family at their time of need. Our staff are on your side.


Become a Member

For a nominal, one-time fee, you will be entitled to a lifetime membership. Membership has many benefits which will help inform you and your family!

Be informed and empowered. Join MSBC today.


Upon a Death

The first and most important is to take care of your deceased family member.
We recommend that you proceed as follows:
Call MSBC at 1-888-816-5902


As a Non-Profit Organization, we say thank you for your generous financial gift. Any amount donated helps and goes a long way to maintain the society’s good work.. It will make a difference and member families will benefit for years to come!


All Ready to Go Kit

Being prepared and planned well in advance of the end of your life is a generous and responsible thing to do for your family and friends. Our twelve- tab binder kit will help you prepare well for all the details you need to consider when end of life comes calling. Purchase your kit TODAY!

Events & News

Your Board Continues to Work for You!

April 6, 2020

During this Covid-19 pandemic your society’s board has had to be creative just like the rest of us. We met on April 4th, 2020 via Zoom.us and conducted board business virtually. We attended to all matters a board would including finances and adding two new interim board members to join our board team. These two…

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Speaking Engagements

We Are Here to Help You – Can You Help US?

March 23, 2020

If you do have questions about making funeral arrangements that are not immediate please do so by email and contact us at admin@memsoc.org Our answering service is always available for weekend and evening calls but during this unusual time of Covid-19 please use the telephone services for immediate funeral needs of a loved one who…

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Helpful Hints for End of Life

In The Midst of Covid-19 Life and Death Go On

We are all most certainly in uncharted waters with this pandemic issue sweeping neighborhoods, our province, the country and the world. All of us are affected in some direct way; those of us who have experienced the death of a loved one during this time even more so. How do we say good-bye at a…
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