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Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection BC is the agency which governs the funeral industry. It administers legislation specific to the industry and is a very useful aid for resolving issues with the industry. The Memorial Society makes use of their services and strongly supports its work. For more information visit the website ( link above ).



Bereavement air fare

Air Canada offers bereavement air fares if you need to travel outside of Canada/US to attend the funeral of a relative. For more information visit the website ( link above ).

Hospice and Palliative Care

Organ Donations

Body Donations

Financial Aid

CPP Death Benefit

Public Trustee and Guardian

Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance

Funeral, Burial and Gravemarking Assistance

Other Organizations

The Bereavement B.C. Helpline

The Bereavement B.C. Helpline is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the healthy and wholesome recovery of individuals experiencing grief. They provide the public and particularly the bereaved with information on how to seek help for themselves or individuals known to them who are in need of assistance through their grief. Their services include: a helpline for referral and support; community network of support and information; a brochure of available support in BC; and a quarterly newsletter.

Dying With Dignity Canada

Dying With Dignity Canada is a national, member-based charity founded in 1982. The organization has a three-part mandate: to provide education about end of life options and the importance of advance care planning; to provide support for individuals at the end of their lives, including support at the bedside of those who wish to determine the nature and timing of their death; and to provide information about the choice in dying movement and the reasons why appropriately regulated medically assisted dying should be legalized in Canada.

The Green Burial Council

The Green Burial Council is a nonprofit organization founded to educate the public about opportunities for using the burial process to encourage sustainability among cemeteries and funeral providers, to facilitate legitimate landscape level conservation efforts, and to bring about practices that are transparent, fair, and honest.

The Museum of Funeral History

The Museum of Funeral History provide the public with a deeper understanding of the history of American funeral and mourning customs, funerary art and practice. These sites foster an appreciation of history within the funeral profession and encourage further study on the subject.

The Natural Burial Association’s

The Natural Burial Association’s vision is to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional burials in Canada. Recently established, the non-profit Association promotes natural burials through advocacy, education and standards. Staff act as facilitators to get natural burial grounds set up; as supporters of natural burial initiatives; and as leaders in establishing principles and guidelines. Members are individuals, corporations, non-profits, and all others dedicated to providing natural burials in Canada. The Association is a non-denominational organization which works with all faith groups.

Dying in America

Dying in America – [PBS] Prior to the 20th century, most Americans prepared their dead for burial with the help of family and friends, but today most funerals are part of a multimillion-dollar industry run by professionals. “A Family Undertaking” explores the growing home-funeral movement by following several families in their most intimate moments as they reclaim the end of life, forgoing a typical mortuary funeral to care for their loved ones at home.
“The home funeral movement challenges us to re-examine our attitudes toward death,” says director and producer Elizabeth Westrate. “We will all face death sooner or later; it’s one of life’s most defining moments, yet it’s the one we typically prepare for least. I wanted to explore this movement and its growing impact on our culture of denial.” More…

Funeral Consumers Alliance

Funeral Consumers Alliance is a U.S. based federation of Nonprofit Consumer Information Societies protecting a consumer’s right to choose a meaningful, dignified, affordable funeral since 1963.

The Natural Death Centre

The Natural Death Centre is a charitable project launched in Britain in 1991. It aims to support those dying at home and their care givers, and to help people arrange inexpensive, family-organised, and environmentally-friendly funerals. It has a more general aim of helping to improve the quality of dying.

Memorial Societies of Canada

The Memorial Society of British Columbia enjoys reciprocal relationships with the following Canadian memorial societies.








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