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Join the Memorial Society

To enjoy the benefits the Memorial Society offers, you must first join.
After joining we will process your Membership Application and payment and send you a complete information packet.
Lifetime membership is $40 (adult) one time fee.
Sustaining membership is $50 (adult) and receive our End of Life planning checkup book.
Joining is easy. You can join by any one of the following 3 ways…



Why join the Memorial Society?

  • To protect you from predatory marketing and sales practices.
  • Preferred pricing on funeral services available only to Society members through our contracted funeral services providers.
  • Support for planning and recording your wishes.
  • Reduced family stress at the time of death.
  • ONLY a $40 ONE TIME FEE* for a Lifetime Membership!
    • Plus a $35 Records (administration) Fee is collected by the Funeral Provider on behalf of the Memorial Society at time of death.
  • ONLY a $50.00 ONE TIME FEE* for a Sustaining Lifetime Membership!
    • and receive our End of Life planning checkup book
    • Plus a $35 Records (administration) Fee is collected by the Funeral Provider on behalf of the Memorial Society at time of death.
  • A child under the age of eighteen is covered by the membership of either parent of the child or by the membership of a legal guardian of the child.
  • Our End of Life planning check up book is available for $10.00 (please email us or call 1-888-816-5902).

Today our members enjoy more protection, better prices and service with Funeral Providers throughout BC in the following regions:

Vancouver & Lower Mainland
Vancouver Island
Gulf Islands
Sunshine Coast
Prince George
West Kootenays
East Kootenays
Campbell River

The Memorial Society of BC is committed to protecting your personal information.
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As A Member you will share these goals with over 200,000 other members

  • To assist you in planning arrangements for your funeral.
  • To assist and support your loved ones while making funeral arrangements.
  • To promote environmentally sound arrangements for disposal of remains.
  • To ensure the availability of reasonably priced funeral arrangements through written contracts with selected funeral services providers.
  • To monitor the practices and performance of funeral service providers so you don’t buy more than you want or need.
  • To monitor and encourage government programs.
  • To engage in educational programs.
  • To promote the continuance of a dynamic and responsible Memorial Society.



To ensure that your funeral costs are kept low at the time of death with savings of up to 40%, or more, you must do the following:

1) Inform your family members and/or your executor
before you die that you are a member of MSBC.

2) Impress upon them that they must call the Society at the above number for assistance, prices and direction to the Society’s Funeral Provider.

3) Record any pre-paid funeral expenses on your arrangement form and file the form with the Society.

Volunteer as a Board Member

As a non-profit organization, the Society is dependent upon those dedicated members who choose to volunteer their precious time and extensive life experience to guiding the Society as members of our Board of Directors. I implore you to offer your services or recommend an acquaintance to join our board to guide the Society for the benefit of ALL our members and their loved ones. The Board meets in Vancouver during the day about once every 3 months.

  • Please send your resume to my attention.
  • Explain why you wish to be a Board member.
  • Mention any special skills you may have.

Your help is essential to our continuing SUCCESS !
Just contact us at admin@memsoc.org


Why are some MSBC members still missing out on the savings from the lower cost funeral services offered to them by the MSBC Funeral Providers? It’s happening because, at the time of death, the Funeral Provider may not realize that the deceased is a member of the Society. A family member or the executor of the estate must inform the Funeral Provider that the deceased is an MSBC member to ensure that the lower costs are realized.

Dear Members:

Thank you for supporting our Society!

Because of you, we have a strong voice in the funeral industry and are keeping the costs low for End-of-Life arrangements for all British Columbians.

It is an unfortunate fact that almost every day in BC a Society member dies. On behalf of your Society, I would like to express our deepest condolences to family and friends of those members who have passed away in recent months.

It is extremely important that new members be enlisted to ensure the preservation of the Society and the continuance of its mission.

Please assist us in growing our membership by mentioning the Society to family and friends.

With gratitude,

Nicole Renwick,
Executive Director, MSBC

Note to Existing Members

Check your membership card.
Is your recorded name, address and other information correct?
Does the card have the MSBC multi-coloured maple leaf logo?

If necessary, contact MSBC to:
update your membership information, or
request a new membership card.

You can call MSBC at 1-888-816-5902 or
contact the Society by e-mail at mail@memsoc.org.

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This is your Society

  • Show your appreciation and support.
  • Sign up new members.
  • Be part of a great cause.
  • Let us know via e-mail about your efforts.
  • Help us make a difference.
  • Let’s work together.
  • You joined because you believed… share it with others!