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Archive for October 2018

A Lovely Quotation About Grief

A dear friend of ours from Singapore sent me this quotation via Facebook today and it sure rings true for me. We thought it might serve some of our members and potential members to have a look at it; “Grief never ends… But it changes. It is a passage not a place to stay. Grief…

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Do Your Research!

When it comes to making your end of life arrangements there is one important and over riding principle to remember… “Do Your Research!” There is nothing more challenging than setting out to make funeral arrangements for a loved one when your emotions are running wild and you have no plan and no idea what to…

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It Death Really the Grim Reaper?

Our North American view of death – The Grim Reaper – has many of us pushing death away to long-term care homes, hospitals, and hospices. We also outsource after death care to funeral homes almost exclusively. This is not to say that these services are not required by some of us some of the time…

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Recycling in The Process of Cremation – CBC Report

Here is a link to a CBC article about how the funeral industry is recycling as well as cremating. Having been a cremationist myself I do know first hand that metal recycling was and is an important part of the cremation process. Have a read through the article if you are curious. The Staff…

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Thank You Kamloops!

  We had a full and wonderful Weekend at the Interior Wellness Festival in Kamloops, BC and renewed our friendships with some old members and made many new friends and potential members. We have selected the three winners of our FREE membership draw out of the more than eighty entries. Rhonda, Shirley and Penny are…

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Yes, We Want to Die at Home and We Can

Many of us Canadians want to die in the comfort of our own home, over 90% in fact.  Yet roughly 70% of us die in care homes or hospitals. Amongst the many reasons for the gap in the wish versus the actual reality is the fact we just don’t know how to handle a home…

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All Ready To Go Binder – The Basics Video

We were up in Kelowna, BC last month at a wellness trade show; the Memorial Society was present as an exhibitor and a speaker. We of course focused on end of life preparations and planning, funeral arrangements specifically. In the context of planning funeral arrangements we also spoke about the importance of being All Ready…

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MSBC’s 2018 Annual General Meeting

Our 62nd Annual General Meeting will be held at the Unitarian Church Vancouver 949 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver, BC on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 from 1:30 – 3:00pm. The agenda for the meetings is listed below. Your attendance will be welcomed and appreciated by both our board and staff teams. We invite you to listen…

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Kamloops Here We Come!

The Memorial Society of BC is heading to the Interior Wellness Festival October 19 to 21, 2018 and we are excited to meet existing members and strike up friendship with new ones. Our both will be easy to pick out so please do feel free to drop by and say hello and join us as…

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