Getting Your End of Life Planned and Communicated to Your Family

It is most important that each of us prepare well for the end of our lives whenever that may come. We here at the Memorial Society of BC are creating an All Ready to Go Binder that will be available early in the New Year 2019 that will give our existing and new members a structure within which a great end of life plan can be created, stored, and communicated to family members one and all.

The binder will contain a table of contents, tabs for each section and several blank tabs you can use for your own personalized headings. There will be a section dedicated to the Memorial Society’s funeral arrangement form that will help you outline exactly what you do and do not want from your funeral services provider. The binder and in particular this section can be taken with you to the funeral home when you are making those important and final arrangements for your loved one’s disposition. There will also be a short how to manual that accompanies the Binder.

Having it all written down in this way will support you in staying on the plan when you are in the arrangement meeting and sometimes a little confused by all that is going on around you including your own emotions. Being planned and prepared in this way will help you avoid the remorse that can crop up when you purchase items on an emotional basis.

We are very much looking forward to making this binder available to you in early 2019!

The Staff Team