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Planning a Home Death – Five Simple Questions

With 916,000 baby boomers currently living in British Columbia coupled with most of us wanting to die in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of our own homes we have some planning to do! Now lets be clear dying at home is not for each and every one of us even though that may be our…

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The Baby Boomers Ageing Out – How To Get Ready

The BC Care Providers Association released a report recently entitled “Bedlam in BC’s Continuing Care Sector – May 2019. It is an important piece of the research that points squarely at the demand Baby Boomers will be placing on an already overrun system of care. From our perspective here at the Memorial Society we see…

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Medical Assistance In Dying – The Striking Oddness of It

To be sure I have no moral judgment around choosing or not choosing MAID, it is a most personal and intimate family conversation that needs to be undertaken with the support of the medical system. The resulting choice is that individual’s and that family’s right to make. Once the choice is made to proceed with…

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Gentle Reminders… When the Time is Right.

We often witness friends or family members struggling to make important end of life choices just after a loved one has passed. All we can do in the moment is support them as they struggle to manage their emotions while making often-expensive decisions regarding funeral arrangements. Though it is not the right time in the…

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A Lovely Quotation About Grief

A dear friend of ours from Singapore sent me this quotation via Facebook today and it sure rings true for me. We thought it might serve some of our members and potential members to have a look at it; “Grief never ends… But it changes. It is a passage not a place to stay. Grief…

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Do Your Research!

When it comes to making your end of life arrangements there is one important and over riding principle to remember… “Do Your Research!” There is nothing more challenging than setting out to make funeral arrangements for a loved one when your emotions are running wild and you have no plan and no idea what to…

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