The Baby Boomers Ageing Out – How To Get Ready

The BC Care Providers Association released a report recently entitled “Bedlam in BC’s Continuing Care Sector – May 2019. It is an important piece of the research that points squarely at the demand Baby Boomers will be placing on an already overrun system of care. From our perspective here at the Memorial Society we see this report as an early warning signal;

Be prepared and All Ready to Go!

Given the unarguable demographics and the impact the increasing demand will have on individuals and families it is of the utmost importance to get our end of life planning organized, well discussed by the family and funeral arrangements made well in advance. With the significant increase in demand for funeral services it behooves families to  make their arrangement needs formal by planning well in advance so that when death does comes the family is prepared and well able to handle the delays and chaos that may be enveloping the funeral industry.

Our All Ready To Go Binder kit is a tool that families can use in order that they be well prepared to face a funeral services industry that may in fact be overwhelmed by the demand for their services.