Nidus: BC Resource for Personal Planning

We are pleased to profile Nidus with an article written by Audrey Jun, Nidus Executive Director.

Nidus is a BC-based, non-profit charitable organization that provides education, support and assistance to British Columbians with personal planning for incapacity, end-of-life, and other support needs. Nidus enables seniors and other adults to plan for future incapacity, and also helps adults who need immediate help or support with decision-making due to questions about cognitive or mental capability.

Nidus specializes in Representation Agreements, which are an accessible, cost-effective, and minimally intrusive legal alternative to adult guardianship – a loss of of rights and imposed authority. Nidus has built expertise around using Representation Agreements in practice.

The Nidus Resource Centre provides: public legal education on personal planning and related matters, with information, resources, and videos; Representation Agreement forms; training for volunteers and groups; problem solving and coaching in support of best practices for attorneys, representatives, and monitors; and policy consultation for third parties. Topics covered on the Nidus website ( include: Representation Agreements, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Wills, Dying Without a Will, Joint Ownership, Adult Guardianship and Committeeship, Health Care Consent, and Facility Admission.

Nidus also operates a centralized Registry, called the Nidus Registry ( for important information and documents. The Nidus Registry helps with communication, access, and centralization of critical information—helpful in case of health crisis or for emergencies, where important documents may be lost, such as evacuation during a flood, wildfire or earthquake.